Overview (Government Citadel)[edit | edit source]

Before the fight, Oz takes off his prosthetic arm and throws it to the ground. He then reveals that he was just using you to get to the citadel as he was too weak and human to get there himself with his disability. The government big-wigs appear on a huge screen and explain that the noise drawing you here was a system set up to call all old models back to be recycled since resources (mainly people and metal) ran out as the rebellion turned into a war. Oz gets into the machine and receives his new suit, complete with a whole new arm.

After the fight he explains that with each new upgrade he received, his personality was taken over by the machines being inserted into his body. This is what happens to all the cyborgs, especially the more powerful ones, until there’s nothing left but a merciless machine. This is all planned by the government who want people to have as little free will as possible unless they’re to rich and blind to care about what happens to the people below them (e.g. upper class and utopia). He did try to use her but he didn’t mean to attack her or let anything get this far and he wouldn’t have had the upgrade had he been human enough to resist. He also explains that he was angry at the citizens for carrying on the rebellion as he was sick of violence having fought for so long. After he was damaged and the government abandoned him he also grew angry at them and sought revenges so he’d been living in solidarity  He then dies from the damage dealt to him.

The government big-wigs cut in and say you were never meant to come back, they thought you were lost to the scrap yard where you belonged. They tell you that your defect has stopped the personality reform effect and allowed you to upgrade without losing your humanity. They say a drone with free will is just trouble. Threaten you not to turn off the machine.

Use 0z’s sword to slice through the central control unit and free all the cyborgs remaining, Putting an end to the war.

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