Garth is the leader of a sub-faction residing within Milgrief. In the past, he spent the majority of his time recruiting people to join the revolutionaries and plotting attacks against Elysium and the Citadel. However, when strange happenings started to occur within Milgrief, such as the chain of kidnappings, he decided to devote his time to protecting the Lift between Milgrief and Sunder: nobody leaves or enters without his consent. Being strongly against the government and everything thay stand for, he doesn't take a strong liking to Olivia.

In his youth, Garth was always the leader of the pack and had a talent for making friends, especially the wrong kind. He fell into a gang at the age of 11; by the age of 15 he had already scrapped his way to the top by taking down the gang leader and stealing the role for himself. Long days of picking fights and patrolling the dingy streets of Milgrief built his strength up more than enough to make up for his lack of brains. 

Combat[edit | edit source]

Garth uses Kinectic Amp fist plates as his primary weapon which boost his already staggering strength. Having strength and size on his side, Garth uses mostly hard-hitting melee attacks and occasionally lobs objects found within his direct vicinity. The bright side for Olivia is that he hasn't been augmented with the various artificial upgrades common to The City, and his bulky form slows him down. 

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