Overview[edit | edit source]

This is the part where you enter the game. You never see Olivia from the front until she has her suit on. 

Script[edit | edit source]

[Olivia comes in from the left - Utopian control HUB]


[Suit rises from the ground near the middle.]

Computer: Bio-scan complete. Subject 001 recognised. Birth name: Olivia. Preparing Suit 01 for Deployment. All primary tests confirmed. Please Enter the Suit Container.

[Press the up arrow?]

[Walk into the Suit Face First/ Closes behind Olivia and rotates 180 Degrees.]

[Doors Open revealing suited Olivia.]

[Hologram appears]

Command Centre: Afternoon, 01, the suit's looking good. I know this is the boring part but it's gotta be done for paperworks sake. Just listen to the test system and do as it says."

“Initiating mobility test 4602

“Go to the marker A"

[Player Moves to right]

“Move to marker B for maximum height calibrations"

[Player jumps to platform with marker on top.]

"Thank you, Subject 001. Please move to the final marker for joint calibrations."

[Player jumps down and crouches to get to marker hidden under platform on other side of room.]

“Test 4602 Successful. Primary tests Successful.”

“Preparing Deployment Sequence 7423. Prepare for mission deployment."

[A Pod to the right of the room appears]

[Walk to the Pod to see a beautiful Utopian Skyline.]

“Enter the Pod. Good luck, 01.”

Enters the Pod & Deploys

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