Kinetic Amplifier (more commonly called Kinetic Amp or Kinetica) fist plates were an early release by the government labs. They were one of the first close-combat weapons given to the government guards until they decided to focus on ranged weapons, since it was far easier to kill rebels from a distance where they had no chance of fighting back. After the production of the Kinetica fist plate was terminated, all of the existing models were abandoned in the dumps of the lowest level, as at this point the government were unaware of the fortitude of the brewing resistance growing in Milgrief

Garth managed to salvage one of the last working models and has been using them to emphasise his power and crush opposing gangs ever since.

The Science [edit | edit source]

Kinetic Energy is the energy which is formed and held by an object due to it's motion and velocity. The fist plates take the potential energy created by the user as they swing their fist at an enemy, and then amplify the force up until the point of impact to amplify the release of energy by up to 150%. Simply put, the plates allow you to hit things hard...really hard. 

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