Sunder Factory 

Sunder Factory is the bottom layer of the Sunder District; it serves as a divide between Milgrief and the rest of The City. The factory focuses on the production of metal components for machinery used in the higher levels and once served as the key location of the Great Blaze: the eradication of all free and objectionable content that displeased the Government.

The only beings found within Sunder Factory are those luckless humans who have been thrown down here as punishment for a crime against the Government, or those ill-fated enough to be born into the lower classes. They're watched over by low-level guards who protect the factory from rebels, as well as keep the workers slaving away until their grueling shifts are over. The only other security to be found here are the Sentry Bots who keep watch over the Entrance to the factory and the ISM who guards the exit. 

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