Overview (Middle Class)[edit | edit source]

(The bridge can go here, between the lift and the other area. You can descend down the broken bit in a mission)This is a progression level and should focus more on the gameplay rather than any major story development. This level is dedicated to showing the player how corrupt society has become and force them to feel isolated as both civilians and the government turn against 01ivia. Lots of offices/residential areas. Mostly fighting against police and later riot squads with enhanced attack dogs. The civilians will not attack you at the start, but as you are attacked by more police, some will engage you.  After doing all missions for the civilians 01ivia is given the ability to hack things. This means she can access the door to the final part of the level (holding the miniboss and exit). The level ends after a battle with the head police officer. She must hack the gate/lift to get to the next level.

Mission 1:

- Talk to a woman.

- Destroy all crates containing information belonging to an enemy company that could be used against her company.

- Gives you a piece of metal which will go towards your upgrade.

Mission 2:

- Assassination mission

- Talk to a man from the opposing company.

- Assassinate a leading figure in the first woman’s company.

- He gives you a piece of metal which will go towards your upgrade.

Mission 3:

- Started when entering a certain part of the level (perhaps a park area or town square?)

- Meet up with 0z who comes to help

- Fight off ambushers (lots of them) in order to survive. Police ambush because they heard about the security breach in the previous level and try to take out the threat (you).

- 0z gives you a piece of tech found on one of the guards which goes towards your upgrade.

Characters: 01ivia, 0z, Alan, Company Woman, Company Man, male assassination target, police guards, non friendly civilians, robot attack dogs, miniboss 3 (Main Police guard)

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