Overview (Upper Class)[edit | edit source]

Miniboss - You have to find a key on a random guard (hiding somewhere in the furthest parts of the level) to gain access to the control panel for the lift to the utopia level. However, Olivia will still need to hack the gate open after she has been able to access the panel. When you get past the gate and approach the loft, a massive droid/mech jumps down and you have to defeat it to progress.

The people here are rich enough to afford personal guards. They will perceive you as a threat (having heard of your actions in the lower levels and they're siding with the government)  and will attack you. You are also fighting the police and riot squads . At this point, even civilians have very powerful augments, and the enemies are becoming a lot more difficult to beat in a straight out firefight. There are a lot of enemies in this level, weaker ones, tough ones and a few hard ones. The enemies will attack you on sight and will do much more damage than in previous levels as you have been identified as a red alert threat and won't hold back.

Mission 1:

- Take out the defences in the highest parts of the city.

- Take out snipers in the middle of the top parts of level.

- Take out 2 mini turrets in the left and right top parts of the level.

(Each could release a blast every 30 seconds depending on whether you’re in range of the snipers or turrets)

Mission 2:

- Talk to civilian who says her husband and son have been taken captive and accused of being rebels and will be killed if you don’t hurry.

- Break into the place they’re being held.

- Take out all the security guards before time runs out.

Mission 3:

- Reach security system controlling the main turrets protecting the gate.

- 0z tells you as you’re about to hack it that it can be used against enemy forces.

- Hack the security system.

- Take control of the turret and kill 3 waves of enemy guards with it.

Characters: Olivia, Oz, Alan, mini turret, turret, snipers, wife, husband, son, citizens with enhancements (a few wires and plates not full suits), personal guards, passive upper class citizen NPCs, police guards, miniboss 4 (big mech like from avatar).

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