Overview (Utopia)[edit | edit source]

Everything in the level is natural and beautiful. All the houses are like palaces/rural mansions and the people have small private armies to defend them. This will be the hardest level so far, with a lot of enemies and other hostile objects (traps and mounted weapons etc.). The enemy weapons are superior to your own and therefore are much harder to kill (increased health, damage etc, ability to block, some with the ability to deflect projectiles) The enemies you fight are now more military-looking, with camouflage patterns on their metallic parts. These enemies will be tougher than the previous enemies that were fought. All the upgrades received by the player should be used in this level. There are large digital wanted posters with Olivia's face, labelling here as a deadly, traitorous rebel.

In this level, Oz is mostly cyborg and therefore has very little emotion left. He gets frustrated at you and says you're holding him back. He leaves you on your own until you meet him again at the end of the level. He drops his sword as he runs into the citadel.

Mission 1:

Locate and defeat the 4 sentinel bots.

Take their parts

Mission 2:

-Reach the end of the level

-Set up a defence system using the parts collected by the entrance to the government citadel.

-Defeat waves of enemies using the defence system you’ve set up to stop them following you into the citadel.


Kind of like the defence system here where you have to press different buttons to make different defences work, getting timing right to kill enemies.)

- Fight any remaining enemies that you didn’t kill with the system.

Characters: Olivia, Oz, Alan, sentinel bots, police guards, personal guards, cyborg attack dogs, military bots.

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