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Olivia was taken from her parents at a young age and adopted by officials high up in the government. They told her that her parents died and so took mercy on her and raised her as their own; although the truth is much, much darker. 

Olivia was one of the strongest Children of Promise and progressed much faster than any of the others, even the older ones. After forcefully taking the 3 year old Olivia, they murdered her parents in order to cover their tracks. As she grew up and the government began to grow more paranoid, they started to see her less and less as a little girl and decided it was time to train her up for the role she was to be tasked with. Olivia began to be trained in combat and leadership from the age of 8. She was 22 when technology had been developed enough to create the first Suit, and by this point the government's paranoia had caused tension to break between them and the people. Protests of rebellion started to break out all over the City, eventually leading to attacks o

n the Government Citadel itself; this was when Olivia was made to go through months of rigorous testing of the Suit until the final model was ready for release. The story begins when Olivia is released for her first mission: to defend the Citadel against the most ferocious attack the government have seen yet. 

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