The Revolutionaries (a.k.a. rebels) are the side who oppose the corrupt government in every way they can. They're mainly formed from people in the lower classes and people who have been mistreated, threatened or totally abandoned by the people in the levels above. Whenever someone is cast out of Drudge, Brumton or Elysium, they immediately gain terrorist status in the Government database. If anyone in Sunder is lucky enough to escape death due to "treason" and finds their way into Milgrief then they also gain terrorist status and, consequently, a place in the Revolutionaries' resistance. 

History[edit | edit source]

The Revolutionaries were first formed by Benjamin J. Smallsworth, a lowly worker in the bio-plains of Sunder. When a fault occured within the system which resulted in one of the guards being injured by Harvester, Smallsworth was blamed and accused of purposely harming the guard who watched over him because he was too lazy to work anymore and grew violent when he was refused a break. 

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