The History[edit | edit source]

Sunder Factory is based on the edge of Sunder, next to the lift. Before the war started, Sunder Factory was the main factory found on the level and focused on the production of metalwork which was used from the production of labour machines to the maintenance of buildings and vehicles. Sunder is also the main production point of The City and besides factories, is made up of industrial warehouses and run down buildings forming the perimeter of the level, with fields and green eco-houses nestled in the midst of them. However, after the war began, Sunder was turned into a powerhouse for producing deadly weapons and the production of labour machines transitioned into the creation of mechs. Sunder Factory was also the main site of the Purge, and the great furnaces were put to work burning all "harmful" knowledge. Since Sunder is above ground the sky is fully visable, although the amount of condensed particles in the atmosphere caused by the excessive production of metals give it the appearance of being a bloody-orange colour. 

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