The City is the cyberpunk-style urban evnvironment where 01ivia is set. Although The City does have an official name, it often isn't used; people stopped calling it by it's old name when it became so different and divided that it was almost unrecognisable. It's made up of many different levels; each level is responsible for something specific and contributes to The City in a different way. As a rule, the higher up in The City you reside, the more wealthy you are and more people tend to side with the Government rather than the Revolutionaries

All levels within The City are aesthetically unique, structure and style wise. Every level is connected by a large lift which is often heavily guarded to stop the classes from mixing. The levels are as follows:

  1. The bottom layer of The City is Milgrief which acts as both a wasteland for old machinery and rubbish, as well as the main living space for the rebels.
  2. The second level is Sunder , which is home to the factories and workshops responsible for forging the parts which are later put together to create and repair technology in the higher levels. 
  3. Level three is Drudge which is the middle class layer of The City and is mostly made up of financial districts which house everything from banks to police stations to Enhancement Clinics. 
  4. Brumton  is the next level up from Drudge and serves as a Military outpost, acting as an extra layer of security before you reach Elysium. Although the armed forces are highly active within this area, it's also home to upper class citizens.
  5. Elysium is the highest residential level and is home only to those who are extremely rich and support the Government unconditionally.
  6. The Citadel lies on the edge of Elysium, behind a massive dividing wall. This is where all participants within the Government wait and plot their next move. 
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